Exoprimal Crossover Content Features Other Capcom Franchises

Dino vs Capcom

This week, Capcom’s newest dinosaur-fighting robot game will officially launch. Exoprimal opened up for a beta test back in March, which was received pretty positively. In a showcase hosted by Capcom, they revealed some details surrounding post launch seasonal content.

We knew back in April that Capcom had plans to do crossover events with their new game. Now we know which franchises they will include, and they are not too surprising considering their popularity. You will be seeing Street Fighter and Monster Hunter content coming to Exoprimal in the coming months.


Season 1 will begin two weeks after launch. On July 28th, the new PvE mode Savage Gauntlet will go live. This is meant to be end-game content with rules and objectives changing every week. A few weeks later, on August 16th, 10 new Alpha Variant Suits become playable.

Season 2 of Exoprimal will begin sometime in October. This season will start off with a new map called Ocean Platform. It will also come with new rigs, modules, and a new final mission. This is also when the Street Fighter crossover will occur. There are suits that will resemble Guile and Ryu (hopefully others), a Hadoken emote, and more.

There is less information on the Monster Hunter crossover in Season 3, but that will be a ways off. Exoprimal will be launching on July 14th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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