Street Fighter Joins Puzzle and Dragons

Street Fighter Becomes Latest Franchise to Join This Crossover

Capcom’s legendary Street Fighter characters have made their triumphant entrance into GungHo Online Entertainment’s immensely popular mobile puzzle game, Puzzle & Dragons, in an exclusive collaboration that is set to take the gaming world by storm. Commencing at 19:00 PDT and running through to November 6, 17:59 PST, this limited-time event offers players the chance to flex their gaming muscles in seven exclusive dungeons, pitting their skills against the franchise’s most iconic characters.

Prepare your teams for battle and add some serious muscle to your lineup by recruiting the newly introduced Street Fighter characters, which include the legendary Ryu and Ken, along with other fan favorites like Luke, Jamie, and Kimberly. The roster awaits you, and with just 6 Magic Stones, you can try your luck with the Street Fighter Series Egg Machine and Memorial Egg Machine. In addition, for players who log in during the collaboration, a free pull from the Memorial Egg Machine is in the cards.

But it’s not just about collecting characters; the collaboration introduces seven exclusive dungeons, each designed to test your mettle and determination:

  • The Street Fighter Series dungeon, where players can battle for rewards, including the coveted Street Fighter Collab Medal – Gold.
  • Street Fighter II, an intriguing eight-floor dungeon based on Street Fighter II, offering fixed team challenges and a Pixel Egg Machine pull as a reward.
  • JP Descended!, a challenging dungeon with the “Assists Invalid” rule, rewards players with a guaranteed JP drop upon defeating the boss, and a Clear Reward! ★6+ Series Egg Machine pull for first-time clears.
  • Multiplayer! JP Descended!, a three-player mode of JP Descended.
  • Street Fighter Colosseum!, a dungeon with a 100% drop rate for teams led by a specific leader character, guaranteeing valuable loot and an Event Medal – Black for first-time clears.
  • Multiplayer! Street Fighter Colosseum!, a three-player mode of Colosseum.
  • [Street Fighter 6] Title Challenge!, a special dungeon challenging players to use a fixed Helper and clear within a specific time limit. Completing this task rewards players with the prestigious title.

Players can also engage in the Monster Exchange, trading Collab Medals from the series dungeon for event-exclusive collab characters, like Kage.

For those eager to power up, limited-time bundles are on offer:

  • 30 Magic Stones & Ryu & Ken Egg Machine: For $29.99 USD, this bundle includes 30 Magic Stones, 5x Event Medal – Black, and a pull from the Ryu & Ken Egg Machine, guaranteeing Ryu & Ken. Acquiring Ryu & Ken for the first time unlocks the Street Fighter Series Collab BGM Set 2.
  • 30 Magic Stones & Luke Egg Machine: For $29.99 USD, players receive 30 Magic Stones, 5x Event Medals – Black, and a pull from the Luke Egg Machine, ensuring they get Luke. Acquiring Luke for the first time unlocks the Series Collab BGM Set.
  • 20 Magic Stones & ★6+ Street Fighter Series Egg Machine: This $19.99 USD bundle contains 20 Magic Stones and a pull from the ★6+ Series Egg Machine, guaranteeing a ★6 or ★7 Rarity character.
  • 15 Magic Stones & Cody Egg Machine: For $14.99 USD, players receive 15 Magic Stones and a pull from the Cody Egg Machine, guaranteeing Cody. Players will also unlock the Street Fighter Orbs 2 Skin when acquiring Cody for the first time.
  • 10 Magic Stones & Ken Egg Machine: Priced at $9.99 USD, this bundle offers 10 Magic Stones and a pull from the Ken Egg Machine, ensuring Ken. The  Orbs Skin is unlocked when players acquire Ken for the first time.
  • 1 Magic Stone & Series Egg Machine: Available for just $0.99 USD, this bundle includes 1 Magic Stone and a pull from the Series Egg Machine.

Don’t miss out on this electrifying collaboration that fuses these worlds, creating a dynamic experience that promises hours of fun and exciting gameplay. The event is live, and it’s time to test your might and prove your worth on the global stage. Collect your favorite Street Fighter characters, battle in exclusive dungeons, and immerse yourself in a world where puzzling and fighting come together in perfect harmony. The countdown has begun; let the battles commence!