Street Fighter 6 Unveils Outfit 3: A New Era of Style

Street Fighter 6 Introduces Outfit 3 and Innovative Online Features Across Platforms”

Street Fighter 6 enthusiasts, the wait is over! Today marks the launch of Outfit 3, a visually stunning wardrobe update for 18 characters, ensuring players hit the virtual streets in unparalleled style. From Dee Jay’s dancehall-inspired ensemble to Juri’s comfy-cozy onesie and Marisa’s elegant wedding dress, the diverse designs are now available for showcase across PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

A groundbreaking addition accompanies this wardrobe expansion—an innovative feature allowing players to select their opponent’s outfit and color during online matches. This feature, accessible as long as the player owns the outfit and color, introduces a new layer of customization, enabling players to tailor their adversary’s appearance without affecting what the opponent sees on their screen.

Each Outfit 3, bundled with all 10 available colors, is priced at 300 Fighter Coins. Unlike its predecessor, Outfit 2, Outfit 3 is exclusively available for purchase and cannot be unlocked via World Tour, explaining the slight price difference. Players can anticipate the release of Outfit 3 for Year 1 characters, including Rashid, A.K.I., Ed, and Akuma, arriving with Akuma’s highly anticipated debut in Spring 2024.

For an in-depth look at the Outfit 3 Showcase, the official Street Fighter 6 YouTube channel is the place to be. Moreover, for the latest assets and information, the Street Fighter 6 website and Capcom Press Center provide a comprehensive resource.

But wait, there’s more! Street Fighter 6 is ushering in an array of additional in-game content, effective immediately. This includes the festive “Happy Holidays” Fighting Pass, introducing new avatar gear, emotes, player titles, and the Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo unlockable in the Game Center. Fans can explore the details at Buckler’s Boot Camp.

Furthermore, the “Cartoonish” Challenge Customization is available for purchase with Fighter Coins or Drive Tickets via the in-game shop. The original hip hop soundtrack “Street Fighter 6 x NERDS Clothing presents Steel Sessions” contributes four free tracks to the in-game Music Player.

Collaboration content with the popular Baki anime, League-Separated Tournaments breakdown, an “Intermediate” server catering to beginners and intermediates, and special offerings in celebration of the Kuzuha Cup tournament sponsored by V-tuber Kuzuha round out the plethora of exciting additions. Street Fighter 6 promises a vibrant roadmap ahead, with new characters, an esports extravaganza, and much more slated for the remainder of Year 1. Get ready to level up your Street Fighter experience!