10 Things We’re Looking Forward to in Horizon Forbidden West

So Many Good Things About Horizon Forbidden West, So Little Time!

We’ve been looking forward to playing Horizon Forbidden West ever since we heard that it was in the works. Hearing it was delayed made all of us grit our teeth. Hopefully, we will be seeing the game come out on February 17, 2022, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In the meantime, here are a few things that we’re looking forward to seeing in the upcoming sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn.

10. The Sheer Amount of Content

horizon forbidden west hero

There was a size leak showing that the North American version is 85.913 GB, with the global version being slightly larger–as if it contains various language packs. This goes to show that, should the leak be true, we could see all kinds of new and exciting content linked to the environment, the combat system, or the various quests that Aloy can take part in. Who knows? There may be all sorts of things in Horizon Forbidden West that we don’t know about!

9. The Skill Tree

horizon forbidden west release date

Just looking at the skill tree makes it clear that there are a lot of ways Aloy can be played. Whether the player wants to focus on melee, trapping, hacking other creatures, using resources, being the best shot, or just being sneaky, players can pick and choose the skills that fit them best. This is a design choice that has been coming up in the past few years with other games of a similar ilk. It’s always great to know that players will have some choice involved–especially if, for example, a player is not good at stealth or at shooting things. A few extra options may seem like a little thing, but it saves players from a lot of frustration down the line.

8. The Promise of DualSense

horizon forbidden west ps4 ps5 upgrade

One of the promises made in May of 2021, was the possibility that we would be able to feel what Aloy is feeling with the technology known as DualSense. This means we may be able to feel the grasses brushing up against us, the rocks under our feet, things of that sort, through haptic feedback. That makes for much more immersive gameplay and means that we’ll be able to enjoy some strange if new sensations. This isn’t to say that this tech will be ready in time for the release now, but the idea is a novel one. DualSense technology may mean there will be more suspense for players while trying to sneak around machines.

7. Exploration in a New Part of the World

It’s not just getting to see the environment–though from just the screenshots, it’s already looking amazing. It’s the ability to travel around on new mounts, as well as explore the water and the air. We didn’t have this in Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s even possible to swim through water on a scuba set, ride new mounts, and use a mechanical glider for travel. Some people might want to choose to go for the hacking branch of the skill branch just for the ability to get places in style. And who wouldn’t? It looks super cool.

6. Learning More World Lore

We’ve been invited to learn more about the tribes of the West and see how Aloy interacts with them. Whether they are friends, foes, or sometimes one or the other, we’ll have to see. Whatever the case, it is an exciting possibility. Now we’ll get to see more of not only the Blight but by the survivors living within it. We’ve only seen a small portion of Aloy’s world and how it’s been shattered, after all.

5. The Amazing Creatures

Horizon Forbidden West Slitherfang

With a new game comes new creatures. We know of the Slitherfang, the Sunbird, and the Clawstrider, among many other beasts. Guerrilla has really put in a lot of thought and detail when it comes to the creature’s purpose and design. These design elements may hint at ways for Aloy to use the mechanical creatures for help, or have them used against her. Some of these beasts may just be wonderful to watch from afar, doing their own thing.

But hopefully, there are some callbacks to the previous game, too, to show we’re not being completely transported to a new world.

4. The Combat Possibilities

Flame Throwing Mammoths. Need we say more? Okay, we should say a little more about Horizon Forbidden West’s combat. The sheer variety of weapons, the way they tie into the skill tree, and the fact that players can use other creatures for combat… the possibility of other creatures to work in packs, use light, and feature all sorts of novel ways of fighting against Aloy… all of that is very cool.

But also, a mammoth with a flame thrower trunk. The very idea is delightful.

3. Seeing Aloy’s Growth

horizon forbidden west multiplayer

We do know that Horizon Forbidden West picks up six months after Horizon Zero Dawn ends. For most of the first story, Aloy had been an outsider looking into a society that did not want her. Now she’s a Hunter, and the hope of her part of the world. We’ve seen how she’s been able to grow her social skills and how she’s come to work together with others–not as someone from the outside, but as part of the whole. Seeing her progress, and how she will become even a greater part of her world, sounds amazing. I for one am looking forward to how this may impact her skills, her choices, and how it will impact her story.

2. Deeper Interactions With Other Characters

Tribes Horizon Forbidden West

If there’s one thing that we always missed, it’s seeing Aloy having deeper meaningful interactions in Horizon Zero Dawn. Now it looks like we’ll be able to enjoy Aloy making meaningful relationships with others, including various branches for quests and just being able to check in with friends. It feels good to just be able to connect to the world as well as connect with various mechanical creatures.

1. The Story That is is Sure to Unfold

While we love all the combat possibilities, we are here also here for the lore and for seeing the story that is presented to us. With Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy was able to start healing the world. She, along with everyone else who heard her story, knows how the world became this way. It’s a start to a great journey.

That’s the kicker–Horizon Zero Dawn was a start. While the hope is that she will be able to make some huge strides in saving her world, we want to see if she will succeed or fail. And we also want to be part of the experience as players in this beautiful, breathtaking game.

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