Horizon Forbidden West Skill Tree Reveals More Info

Skill Tress in Horizon Forbidden West Shows Expanded Choices

The much anticipated Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn, will come out on PlayStation in February. As we inch closer to this date, more and more details are emerging in official trailers, teases and news. For fans of the series, this is an exciting time to closely follow gaming news.

In particular, we have just had a few days of big news reports. Following the PlayStation 5 file leak last week, players are finding out increasingly more about the upcoming title. The file leak was quickly followed by the reveal of a new enemy, Slitherfang, yesterday thanks to GameInformer’s preview.

Horizon Forbidden West’s massive skill tree is just the newest information to come out. What does this imply about the upcoming game and its gameplay experience?

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The new skill tree appears to be massive, offering players a multitude of choices. Players will have six different paths to follow. Each path has its own different playstyle, so players can invest in whichever best fits their playstyle.

These skill trees are Warrior, focusing on melee, Trapper, focusing on trap-oriented skills, Survivor, featuring health and resource skills, Infiltrator, which focuses on stealth, Hunter, which focuses on ranged abilities and Machine Master, which focuses on hacking.

Moreover, this new skill tree impactfully allows players to mix and match skills from various trees. So you can combine skills from different rees that may complement each other. Or if players are looking for a more balanced skillset.

In addition, players will find some other added changes. Aloy’s outfits will be able to improve certain skills, with some high-level armor being able to raise skills up to 300%.

Undoubtedly, this won’t be the last bit of news we hear about the game before its release on February 18. Which piece of news has got you more excited for Horizon Forbidden West?