Aloy Is Spending Less Time Alone in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Will Flesh Out the Characters

It seems like Aloy is going to be spending less time alone in her next adventure in Horizon Forbidden West. In Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy was an outcast and spent most of her time alone, and could often be awkward around people. To flesh out the world and other characters, they will be spending more time traveling with Aloy as she does her thing. You know, hunt robot dinosaurs and save the planet. The usual.

Tribes Horizon Forbidden West

Game Informer did their thing by showcasing Horizon Forbidden West on their latest cover. The story is excellent and highlights several new changes and improvements coming with the new game. A few of the changes include improved graphics, some HUD improvements, and a world that feels more lived in. One of the standout improvements is to the companions and how they form relationships with Aloy.

Narrative Director Benjamin McCaw had this to say:

“The big focus, though, that we wanted to change from the first game to the second is that you get to spend more time with key characters.”

horizon forbidden west hero

Guerrilla Games wants to create characters that will actually stick around. Instead of having characters that disappear after you do a quest for them, they will stick around the story and offer multiple main story and side quests. This allows Guerrilla to flesh out character stories and add more depth slowly.

This could serve as a fantastic contrast to the more solitary nature of the first game. Her adapting to living in civilization and working with more people is good character growth. A more fleshed-out world with better characters sounds like a good time to me.

Horizon Forbidden West is coming to the PS4 and PS5 on February 18.