Call of Duty 2022 May Not Be Coming Out Anytime Soon

According to an Insider, This Is Due to Blizzard’s QA Troubles

Call of Duty 2022 is supposed to be in the works as a follow-up to Call of Duty 2019. According to an insider source, Tom Henderson, the latest game will be named Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. This game may be very well developed due to how much time has been put into this latest Call of Duty game, global situation or not.

Call of Duty 2020

But for that final round of polish, and ensuring the game is ready for public usage, the game would have to go through round after round of Quality Assurance- otherwise known as QA. But, well, thanks to Activision Blizzard’s actions, their QA department isn’t working.

Not as in they’re broken. Not working as in they’ve walked out in protest after a dozen employees in the QA department were fired without notice and being misled. It has been approximately a month now since workers have gone on strike, which means they is currently no QA going on for the latest in the Call of Duty franchise.

According to Tom Henderson, “Only big hurdle right now is QA, which I hope gets resolved quickly.

We all hope that this will be resolved quickly- not just for having the Call of Duty game out in development, but for the workers themselves. Then again, we can’t be certain if the QA is currently being handled by Raven Software, or if there are more possible blockages in the way for the possible Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Not saying that Henderson is wrong, but sometimes, things can change behind the scenes.

This latest Call of Duty could be coming out in November 2022. Or it might be delayed a little bit longer. And if it is, it could be because Blizzard decided to shoot itself in the foot.