Pope Francis Once Again Finds Undertale, Witnesses Megalovania

It Happened Again. Again!

If I had a nickel for every time the Pope has interacted with Undertale, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.

This may be a bit of an old memory for some, but: remember when Matpat, a popular youtuber, gave Pope Francis a copy of Undertale as a gift? It was more of a symbolic gesture – 2016 was declared to be a year of forgiveness and compassion, and Undertale echoes those themes quite strongly.

But now, the Pope’s encountered something from the genocide route of Undertale’s game. A recent circus performance features juggling and gymnastics, all set to a jazzy version of Megalovania. Just look at this scene, it’s all so surreal:

It’s a special kind of endearing that you can’t help but love. Whether the band was actually filled with Undertale fans or they just found the song “neat”, it’s hard to say. But given how popular Undertale’s gotten, and given how relevant the game is in today’s internet culture (thanks in no small part to Deltarune), it’s not impossible the game had at least one fan in that band.

As for Matpat, you just know that he was going to weigh in on this – it’s too funny not to. “Took him five years, but he finally got to the Sans fight…” was all he said, and to be honest, it’s all that’s needed. Besides, the Pope’s a busy man. Five years isn’t that unreasonable of a time frame, is it?