Toby Fox Stuns Fans With Deltarune: Chapter 2 Release Date

The Funny Dog Man Strikes Again

Ever since Undertale‘s explosive success first threw Toby Fox (the game’s creator) into the spotlight, he’s been something of an enigmatic figure. Fans had been wishing for more Undertale content since its release in 2015, and it wasn’t until the release of Deltarune’s first chapter did fans even realize its existence. Two years of nothing – and then, suddenly, everything. For free, too. Nobody paid anything, they just got more of the game they loved.

Because of this mindset, the only thing more surprising than a Deltarune: Chapter 2 release is a teaser for that release. And because Toby Fox is anything but predictable, that’s exactly what fans got. On September 17th, players can finally see what lies in store for them in Deltarune: Chapter 2. Scheduling the release for just 2 days after the reveal isn’t too far from a blindside unveiling, but… progress is progress? Either way, this whole situation is perfectly on-theme for Toby Fox’s MO.

Deltarune acts a lot like a remix of the original Undertale. It has a lot of familiar faces, mechanics, art, and themes, but everything is just a little bit… off. Even the name shares this quality, if you look closer – “Deltarune” is an anagram of “Undertale”. Because of this, fans went wild with speculation and fan-theories about how Deltarune’s universe connects to Undertale’s (if at all!) – and those theories are about to get even more fuel thanks to this new release.

Deltarune: Chapter 2 is planned to be a PC/Mac exclusive, for the time being. Though both Undertale and Deltarune: Chapter 1 saw ports to other platforms like the Switch, so console players still have reason to be excited for this news.