New Apex Legends Bug Resupplies Already Open Bins

Apex Legends Devs Will Most Likely Patch This Bug Soon

Apex Legends players discovered yet another bug that somewhat gives them the upper hand in-game. Apparently, there is a new glitch that resupplies bins that have already been opened. Fans are well aware that there are multiple specially marked containers all over the map. Usually, these bins become empty once players loot its contents. However, some players found a way to re-close certain bins.

new apex legends glitch resupplies already open bins

As these players had hoped, re-closing these containers respawns new loot inside. Some fans discovered that they can stand on top of open bins. Apparently, standing on top of these open bins will close them shortly after. However, it would seem that this trick is only doable with containers that are positioned against a wall.

Considering that this is a glitch, fans may want to manage their expectations. After all, some Apex Legends fans have pointed out that it is not consistent. There are times that the trick does not respawn anything inside the bins. Still, if the glitch works for them, it can be an effective tool to have in matches. 

Many Apex Legends players usually cannot find weapons at the beginning of the match. This somewhat unfair matchmaking puts some of them at a disadvantage against others who may be luckier weapon-wise. Finding a blue bin against a wall may be the key to turn things around for them.

Since this is a glitch, it is safe to say that it will not last in Apex Legends. It is highly likely that Respawn Entertainment will fix this soon. Players who have not taken advantage of this bug yet may want to do so before devs permanently get rid of it in an upcoming patch.

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