Apex Legends New Hero Fade Will Be ‘Mobile-Exclusive’

Apex Legends Devs Have No Current Plans to Bring Fade to Other Platforms

Apex Legends has a new hero, Fade. Unfortunately, this phase-powered mercenary will not be playable on PC and consoles. After Respawn launched the game’s mobile edition this week, they confirmed that Fade will be a “mobile-exclusive” legend.

Fade has some interesting abilities. He can turn back time with the use of his tactical ability. He can also send both enemies and allies to an alternate dimension with his ult and even gain a speed boost after sliding. On the cosmetic front, he sports a skull mask that makes it seem like he was pulled straight out of a Call of Duty book.

apex legends new hero fade mobile exclusive

Sadly, Respawn currently has no plans to move him over to a non-mobile platform. Apparently, the Apex Legends team specifically designed his kit for mobile gameplay. With that said, they will have to do a significant rework if they want him to be playable in the main game.

The game’s mobile version came out following a months-long soft launch. Devs built the edition from the ground up on a new engine. It has its own features and modes. According to multiple sources, it has surprisingly more involved firing range and team death match. It has also come to light that his mobile-specific design does not only map to his mechanics. In fact, Apex Legends fans feel like his visual appearances looks a little more generic.

Although Fade is only playable on mobile at the moment, this does not automatically mean that Respawn is never bringing him over to other platforms. Fans believe that the handheld legends will one day make their way to the main game. Hopefully, they will not feel like haphazard additions to a character roster that already feels like a big family.

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