Apex Legends’ New Hero Newcastle Is Making Lifeline Irrelevant

Apex Legends’ Newcastle Pushed Lifeline into the Shadows

Apex Legends devs are constantly expanding the game’s already extensive roster of playable legends. This is only expected of a game that continues to grow in popularity. Unfortunately, as they improve the game’ legends, some of its older legends tend to become forgotten and fall below the curve.

Unfortunately, this is what is happening to Lifeline. She is an Apex Legends character that is focused on support and healing. Over the years, devs did not really do much to improve or develop her. With that said, other legends ended up outclassing her.

apex legends newcastle making lifeline irrelevant

Devs just added the franchise’s newest legend, Newcastle. Although this is good news for the game’s community, his abilities seem to be in direct competition with those of Lifeline. They somewhat match the latter’s abilities—except that they are much better.

An example of this is Newcastle’s passive ability to revive downed allies. Players can bring back their fallen friends whenever they drag their downed team mates to cover and protect them with a revive shield. This is pretty similar to Lifeline’s older passive ability. Devs eventually removed it from Lifeline’s list of abilities due to reports that it made her too strong.

Newcastle’s mobile shield tactical ability is also reportedly a reworked version of Lifeline’s old ability. Its goal is to deploy a shield in front of the fallen ally while reviving them. Now that Apex Legends has Newcastle, it makes him an even more effective combat medic.

Sadly, Lifeline has lost her ability to heal herself faster, revive faster, as well as apply cover to the team mates she is trying to revive. It has become apparent to Apex Legends fans that Newcastle’s arrival in the game has somewhat left out Lifeline as an efficient support legend.

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