Apex Legends Fans Aren’t Too Happy With New Prestige Bloodhound Skin

Apex Legends Are Disappointed With the New Prestige Bloodhound Skin

Apex Legends’ new Anniversary collection event is here. As always, it comes with a lot of fun challenges and flashy new skins that players can flaunt on the battlefields. There are some new changes, however.

Before it was launched, Apex Legends thought that the reward of 150 heirloom shards is making a comeback after they collected all of the new skins. However, this time around, they will get the Apex Hunter Prestige Bloodhound skin after obtaining all of the skins included in the event. Sadly, many players are not too happy about it.

apex legends fans not too happy with new prestige bloodhound skin

They will have to open 24 of the new Anniversary Apex packs that amounts to a total of $160. This high price is not new to die-hard Apex Legends fans. However, they are not happy with how the skin looks and having to pay such high price for it.

Heirloom cosmetics are usually custom melee weapons that fit the Legend’s personality. Prestige skins are reportedly barely noticeable in the game even if they have the same heirloom rarity.

What would you guys have done to make this skin worth $160?” one of the franchise’s fans complained.

Apex Legends are hoping that this new trend of Prestige level skins instead of heirloom melee weapons or shards will not continue.  Some fans have suggested for devs to make the costly price for the new Bloodhound skin to be worth it. They mentioned that devs can add special animations to it, or even voice lines.

Some fans have even observed that the new skin has a bug that can reset the damage counter. This bug has prevented multiple Apex Legends players from evolving it to the next cosmetic tier. After all, that is what Prestige skins were primarily for—evolving into new forms after players complete certain challenges.

We are aware of a bug with the Bloodhound Prestige skin where the damage counter resets in some cases,” Respawn Entertainment wrote. “There is a fix in progress and we plan to deploy it early next week.”

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