Apex Legends Gear Is Making Its Way Into FIFA 22

Apex Legends Crosses Over With FIFA 22

Apex Legends crossing over into EA Sports games have fans very much surprised. It has been confirmed that new gear from the battle royale shooter will soon make their appearance in FIFA 22. Grab the entire Legends Collection in FIFA Ultimate Team,” Apex Legends devs announced. “Give your stadium and squad a makeover.

apex legends gear fifa 22

As confirmed on social media, different Apex Legends gear are coming to EA’s latest soccer title. The Olympus XL TIFO and Phase Runner VIP Area will come into play when FIFA 22 players build their own stadium. Fans will be able to show off their admiration for the battle royale shooter with these customization options.

FIFA 22 players can build their own team after three of Apex Legends’ playable characters, namely Wraith, Octane, and Gibraltar.

Unfortunately, the chances of a PvP Battle Royale game mode are less than slim. Still, fans of both franchises can expect a new set of cosmetics to arrive in the FUT store. TIFOs, Badges, and Kits will be out alongside the FUT Birthday release this evening.

Ultimate Team players can buy the Apex Legends bundle for 180,000 FIFA coins or 1,500 FIFA points. The bundle will be found in the FUT store for a limited time only. Its availability will expire on April 8th. With that said, fans might want to save up on their coins since they will not be around forever.

It has also been confirmed that EA Sports will remove Russian teams from FIFA 22 and their other sports titles. Fans who are missing those can somewhat fill the gap with some fictional jerseys from the Apex Legends Collection. Furthermore, EA has also decided to put a stop to the sales of their games and content in Russia.

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