Destiny 2 Dataminers Revealed Season 18 Title & Many More

Destiny 2 Season 18 Will Be Season of the Plunder

Destiny 2’s Season 18 is due to begin on August 23rd. Fans are expecting devs to reveal its details immediately following the franchise’s showcase. However, the datamining community uncovered some of its key information ahead of launch. 

According to the dataminers, the title of the upcoming season is going to be Season of the Plunder. Destiny 2 players will jump into a revised version of Destiny 1’s King’s Fall Raid. Long-time fans of the franchise may remember this Raid from the original game’s The Taken King expansion.

destiny 2 dataminers revealed season 18 title and many more

Moreover, the leak also reveals that devs named the new activities Hideout and Expedition. Unfortunately, dataminers did not find any specific information that provides further detail about them. 

Season 18’s seasonal story Ketchcrash will reportedly feature Fallen-centric content. This suggests that the activities will be all about taking what they can however they can. With that said, Destiny 2 fans are speculating that they will have to sneak into enemy territory to steal loot and gather intel on whatever threat is coming their way.

The King’s Fall Raid is one of the franchise’s fan-favorite experiences. With that said, the Destiny 2 community was debating about whether it or the Wrath of the Machine Raid was going to make a comeback during the Witch Queen’s run time. However, the King’s Fall’s return makes more sense. After all, it deals with Oryx who happens to be Savathun’s Hive god brother.

It is also worth noting that the King’s Fall Raid is much more mechanically heavy than others. It is significantly longer and more complex. Bungie certainly had their work cut out for themselves when they decided to update the activity to the Destiny 2 sandbox.

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