Destiny 2 Will Reduce Communication With Fans Due to ‘Real Threats’

Destiny 2 Devs Are Reducing Communication With Toxic Fans

Destiny 2 devs have announced to the gaming community that they are going to reduce communication with their fans. Apparently, Bungie has been the recipient of “real threats” and harassment from their fans.

The harassment we have spoken to is not just rude replies on Twitter or vague comments,” Bungie’s Community Manager confirmed. “There have been real threats towards our people and our studio.”

destiny 2 reduce communication real threats

It has come to light that many Destiny 2 fans have been threatening the devs’ families and the devs themselves. “I will be very clear in saying that I appreciate the studio in the amount that it has helped me personally after some serious harassment towards me and my family,” he added. “Just because you cannot see it directly in a given tweet or forum reply does not mean that it did not happen.”

It is because of this harassment that Destiny 2 devs have decided to take a step back from replying to these toxic players. “We are taking them seriously,” he continued. “Which is leading to an amount of reduced communications as the team plans future protections or strategies to help avoid these sorts of things.”

Unfortunately, this reduced communication will also negatively affect their decent players. Devs are applying this change to everyone. With that said, the respectful fans will also not be able to communicate with them as well. “None of this is meant to be a punishment to the people who can leave clear and respectful feedback for our developers,” he continued. “That said, we cannot just. move about business as usual until things are resolved.”

This hiatus “can take weeks” or months. They want what is best for their players as well as their employees. Fortunately for Destiny 2 fans, they are thinking of ways to effectively communicate with the decent members of their community. “The team is planning ways in which to communicate with you all,” he continued. “I can assure you that many on the team are checking out threads each day and talking about your feedback.”

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