Destiny 2’s Overpowered Crossbows ‘Will End in a Future Season’

Destiny 2 Fans Will Have to Endure Overpowered Scorn Snipers a Bit Longer

Destiny 2 players have noticed that Scorn snipers’ crossbows have been doing more damage than usual. They started to notice this change since the launch of The Witch Queen expansion. Unfortunately, Bungie has confirmed that they will not be able to fix this for several months.

Apparently, even the low level versions of these Scorn snipers fire the same bolts that killed Cayde-6’s Ghost. Devs are well aware that such problem exist in Destiny 2. Unfortunately, it is a deeply rooted issue that they cannot easily come up with a rapid fix.

destiny 2 overpowered crossbows will end in future season

Thankfully, Destiny 2 devs have promised that the Scorn snipers’ “reign of terror will end in a future season.” Notably, there are 52 days left in the game’s current season. It is worth noting that Bungie did not confirm if they are rolling out the fix in the next season. With that said, the snipers may continue to terrorize the game’s players for a few more months.

While everyone waits for the devs to fix the issue, players may want to equip some defensive chest piece mods. They can increase Sniper resistance with any of the game’s four armor elements, which only cost one energy each. Moreover, these armors will also protect players from distant enemies.

Destiny 2 players can also specifically target Scorn snipers with void resistance. However, this type of resistance is only available with the void-type armor.

The good news is that changing elemental types are now much cheaper than before. This may come as very little comfort to a lot of players, especially if the Scorn snipers in Grandmaster Nightfalls can kill them through these mods.

The power level recommended for Grandmaster Nightfall participants is at 1575. This requires regular play across multiple activities. Each of these activities will reward players with Pinnacle engrams that they can use on their way to getting the game’s hard power cap.

Fans of the franchise believe that Grandmaster Nightfalls is its most challenging strike activity. Destiny 2 fans are glad to know that it is making a comeback on April 5th.

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