Aim Climb, Skill Based Climbing Game, Now Climbing in English

Precise Climbing, It’s a Long Fall

Can you climb with continuous precision? You can try your best. Today, independent developer Yul is happy to announce that their skill based climbing game, Aim Climb, is now fully translated into English. First made popular in Japan, aim climb now features a full English version for players in English speaking countries. 

Aim Climb brings players to a platforming adventure where they will climb mountains, literally. Focusing on a skill based platforming experience Aim Climb seeks to challenge players as they move through different stages putting their aim to the test. Of course, sometimes it will take more than just good aim. The game features a variety of skills that players will need to use to progress. For instance, a small boost jump given to the players can be the meaning between falling and climbing high. However, it is up to the players to learn to use it. Additionally, players will face different targets as they ascend stages. These targets will require players to learn different methods of aiming. From simple slow aiming, to leading targets, to lightning fast snap aiming, you’ll need to master them all to avoid a fall. 


If Aim Climb doesn’t sound hard enough already, don’t worry. There are three differing levels of game difficulty which can bring even more challenges to your climbing journey. In addition to more targets, you’ll have to aim faster and more accurately to ensure the protagonist, a cat-girl searching for the outside world, doesn’t fall. 

Aim Climb is available now on PC via Steam. Currently it costs $7.99. Do you think you have what it takes to ascend the dark mountain? Or will you fall into the darkness below.