Destiny 2 Devs Make Crafting Much Simpler for Season 17

Destiny 2 Crafting Will No Longer Be Complicated

Destiny 2 players love to craft within the game. Crafting is an effective method for getting the best possible roll for the most wanted weapons in the game. However, fans have complained that the process is a bit too complicated.

Thankfully, Bungie has confirmed in a blog post that this will be changing at the beginning of Season 17. When the new season starts, Destiny 2 players will only be needing Ascendant Alloys, Neutral Elements, and Resonant Alloys.

destiny 2 crafting season 17

As with all things Destiny, the team has been keeping an eye on player conversation around crafting, planning next steps, and looking towards the future,” Bungie wrote. “We have got a hot fix coming next Tuesday with a few minor changes and some commentary on feedback items that the team will be looking to address in future patches and tuning passes.

Next season, we are removing Ruinous, Adroit, Mutable, Drowned, and Energetic elements,” they added. “Only Neutral Elements will remain.”

Bungie admitted that crafting within the game had an unnecessary complexity to it. Apparently, they already knew about this issue to some extent before launch. However, they could not directly address the problem until now.

We have been watching some feedback on crafting currencies required for specific traits,” the devs continued. “One piece of feedback in particular deals with crafting element caps as some players have been maxing out their elements frequently.”

Once they roll out the hot fix, they “will be increasing element caps from 250 to 1,000.” Moreover, they will also increase the cap of Neutral Elements from 8,500 to 10,000.

Destiny 2 devs promised that they “will continue to monitor” the feedback they get from their players “even after these changes go live.” With that said, fans are hopeful that Season 17 of Destiny 2 will be issue-free.

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