Hogwarts Legacy Launch Window Set for Holiday 2022

Hogwarts Legacy Will Be Out This Holiday Season

Hogwarts Legacy had a special PlayStation State of Play live stream today. It has been two years since Avalanche Software revealed the game to the gaming public. Thankfully for fans, the devs confirmed today that the game will be released this holiday season.

Before confirming this information, Avalanche shared almost 20 minutes worth of Hogwarts Legacy’s gameplay in a preview. It showed what types of activities players can participate in as a wizarding student at Hogwarts. These include wizard duels, taking care of magical creatures, taking magic classes, and many more.

hogwarts legacy launch window holiday 2022

Hogwarts Legacy devs first announced the game back in 2020. At the time, they said the game will launch in 2021. However, it eventually got delayed to this year with the caveat that it would be out after Fantastic Beasts 3. 

The Holiday 2022 release window is by far the most concrete launch info fans have received since the game’s 2020 announcement. With that said, it would seem that fans will have to wait until the tail end of this year.

Hogwarts Legacy is going to be an open world RPG that is set in the world of Harry Potter. However, since the era is in the 1800s, it will be several hundred years before Harry wandered the halls.

Fans are very excited for the Room of Requirement. It is where players will be able to make themselves quite the base as they can catch up with the other students. After all, players will be joining school a bit later than the others. Hogwarts Legacy can use this room to put their potions to practice, as well as build a menagerie of magical beasts that they can call their own.

The preview also gave fans a sneak peek into the game’s combat system. Of course, everything will be based on magic. Players can fight with their wands and potion combos against mysterious enemy groups and other creatures. It has become apparent that some strange energy can possess the creatures.

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