The Quarry Will Adhere to More Traditional Horror Tropes, Says Dev

The Quarry Will Be “A Lot Lighter”

The Quarry is yet another horror game from Supermassive Games. Director Will Byles recently shared his comments about the game, stating that it will be distinctly different from the The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Dark Pictures is obviously an anthology and has gone down a shared story route and a shorter format with a higher cadence,” Byles stated. “It is a lovely smorgasbord of horror.”

the quarry adhere to more traditional horror tropes

They made The Quarry as a spiritual successor to Until Dawn. However, unlike the latter, the former is going to be a lengthy teen slasher turned creature feature. According to Byles, the game adheres to more traditional horror tropes. “For this teen horror, it is not a set profile,” he said. “But, there is a certain expectation.”

Apparently, The Quarry is going to be “a lot lighter.” “It has got a lot of that weird self-referential thing like Scream where we all know the rules,” he said. “And the rules are ‘do not open the door’ or ‘when there is a trap door with a noise behind it, leave it alone.’”

In this way, The Quarry will be very different from the other titles developed by Supermassive. After all, The Dark Pictures Anthology was hugely focused on darker, harrowing tales.

The upcoming horror game is about a summer camp experience gone horribly wrong. There will be nine playable teenage counselors of Hackett’s Quarry summer camp. They will all find themselves hunted by a deadly predator and sinister locals.

The game’s large number of playable characters is also very intriguing. It will let players invite up to seven friends to their game. They can either have each player take control of a counselor or vote together on all major decisions.

The Quarry’s counselors will have different friendships, flirtations, and relationships. It will be up to the players to decide who will die, who will live, who gets together, and who will betray whom.

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