Supermassive May Be Working on Something Different

Supermassive Games May Be Branching Out of the Dark Picture Anthology

Supermassive Games may be working on a new game, the Quarry, outside of The Dark Pictures Anthology. Supermassive is a talented studio, and it would be great if they can work on something outside of their horror series. Knowing the studies work, I’d be shocked if The Quarry didn’t still have something to do with horror.

It seems like the game is being published by 2K. This is all currently just speculation from a filed trademark. The publisher and studio itself haven’t announced anything just yet.

At this point, I just hope Supermassive Games aren’t working themselves to the bone. They are continuing to work on The Dark Pictures Anthology, they seem to be working on this new game, and they also appear to be working on an Until Dawn remake. That’s a lot of games for any studio to manage.

I mean, The Dark Pictures Anthology has at least five more games getting worked on. As long as the games remain quality and nobody has to crunch, it is pretty impressive to be able to make so many games. However, I do feel it would be a good idea for Supermassive to slow down a bit.

The DArk Pictures Anthology Friend Pass

The last thing we want is for them to become another Telltale Games. With this many games being worked on and released so rapidly, they run the risk of crowding their own genre. That isn’t the case just yet, but it is something to worry about in the future. Supermassive Games have already released a lot of similar playing games. It may be time to slow down or mix up the style a bit and give fans something different.

What do you think of Supermassive making something outside The Dark Pictures Anthology? Do you think they could flood their own genre? Let us know in the comments below!