Award Nominated Actor Officially Joins Fallout Series

This Is the First Actor Known to Be Part of the Fallout Project

While there has been news of the Amazon Fallout television series, there was very little known about the actors, story, or anything else about the project. All that had been confirmed for certain was that some of the staff from WestWorld- that is, the directors and producers in particular- will be joining the project itself.

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But now it has been confirmed that Walton Goggins has signed up for a lead role for the project. Goggins is known for taking on many different types of roles in the past, making the type of role that Goggins is taking- that of a side character, protagonist, or villain- much more difficult to predict. And too, he is familiar with taking roles that have to do with major franchises, as he’s taken part in Ant-Man and the Wasp, Tomb Raider, among others.

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Officially though, according to the Deadline report that officially broke the news, Goggins will be taking the role of a ghoul. It’s unknown if he will simply be known as a ghoul or “The” Ghoul. For those that are unfamiliar with the Fallout franchise, ghouls in Fallout are mutated humans who, despite their haggard appearance have an extremely long lifespan and either have immunity or are healed by nuclear radiation. This can be said to be a bit of an irony since many ghouls were a result of the Great War.

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Still, while this can make for some great theorizing, there has still been no confirmation of where the story will go or could go. Still, this is the first confirmed actor for the series, and we may hear more, as production for the Fallout series is supposed to begin this year.

If we’re lucky, we may hear more soon, as well as a projected release date. Stay tuned!