Destiny 2 Has Some Big Changes for Iron Banner in Season 18

Destiny 2 Devs Is Giving Iron Banner Kill Streaks

Destiny 2 devs are giving Iron Banner some major changes in Season 18. Bungie is certainly gearing up for the game’s big event this year. The Destiny 2 Showcase is happening in a few weeks. However, they had some very important announcements beforehand.

Principal Designer Alan Baine confirmed to the gaming public that Iron Banner is getting kill streaks. “What if when you went on kill streaks, Saladin shouted, ‘He is on fire!’ and you lit on fire?” he said. “And maybe when you got a kill, he shouted ‘Boomshakalaka!’”

destiny 2 big changes iron banner season 18

It was from this conversation that Eruption was born. “Eruption is Clash with energy boosts based on kill streaks,” he added. “It was affectionately called Streak Mayhem internally before we gave it a real name.”

During Eruption, Destiny 2 players get to score one point and a normal amount of energy whenever they kill their opponents. Moreover, whenever they get their second elimination in a row without dying in-game, they get the title of Surging. This includes assists as well.

At this point, players start stacking boosts. They will physically glow whenever they get to score three points. Players get 10% super, 20% grenade, melee, and also class energy for each kill they do. After the fifth kill Destiny 2 players will be Primed which has them glowing even brighter.

Kills will continue to be worth three points each. At their Primed state, players get 12% super, 5% grenade, melee, and class energy for each kill. Plus, the entire team also obtains 5% super, 10% grenade, melee, and class energy as well.

However, there is a catch that comes with being Primed. Whenever Destiny 2 players reach this state, they trigger a 15-second timer. Unfortunately, once this timer reaches zero, the player will explode. This will automatically kill the player and reset their streak. The good news is that they can reset the timer each time they another kill.

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