Apex Legends Bug Randomly Gives Chosen Character Other Abilities

Apex Legends Bug Is Doing a Mix & Match With the Characters 

Apex Legends players have been quite busy since devs released Season 14: Hunted this week. However, it would seem that the update brought more with it than just content updates. According to multiple players, a bug is randomly giving their chosen character the abilities of other random characters.

For instance, some players noticed that Pathfinder can use Wraith’s Dimensional Rift ultimate. Other saw Newcastle playing like Gibraltar, as well as Ash being able to obtain Loba’s teleportation bracelet. Apex Legends players are not complaining, though. It would seem that everything is running fine whenever they use these abilities. This even includes the character using the proper animation that the original user would use.

apex legends bug gives chosen character other abilities

Apex Legends seems to have this weird palette swap with its characters. When players choose a character at the beginning of the game, it also takes the kit, abilities and voice lines from a different one. Plus, everything gets interestingly applied to the skin that the player equipped.

At the moment, no one really knows what is making this bug do its thing. It seems to occur absolutely randomly when Apex Legends players choose their character. For the most part, fans are loving the bug. In fact, they are hoping that Respawn Entertainment can spin it off into a unique time-limited mode. Some have suggested to turn it into some sort of character roulette where the players do not really know which character they are getting.

Fans understand that these bugs are not entirely uncommon whenever devs roll out major updates. This is especially true for season drops in live service games. They usually come across ones tat stem from server issues. However, this one seems to be a random one-off issue that occurred in the update files. With that said, it is highly likely that Respawn will fix this soon.

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