Destiny 2 Dev Says There Will Be ‘No More Expansion Sunsetting’

Destiny 2 Expansions Are Staying for Good Going Forward

Destiny 2 devs told fans at a recent event that they are changing their approach to sunsetting content going forward. According to Bungie, there will be “no more expansion sunsetting” for the game.

This is very good news for Destiny 2 fans. After all, they completely took out other expansions such as Warmind and Curse of Osiris. Thankfully, they just promised that they are not going to do the same to The Witch Queen expansion. Fans are glad that it will be sticking around with the game forever.

destiny 2 no more expansion sunsetting

Destiny 2 Game Director Joe Blackburn has taken to social media to clarify their approach to the masses. “We have no plans or desires to vault content aside from the yearly rotation of seasons,” Blackburn wrote. “I think what is important here is that this problem is hard and can feel like we are asking our team to defy gravity.”

Blackburn’s statements suggest that all seasonal-based content such as the new Season of Plunder will eventually be rotated out of the ongoing game. “We do not want to make a promise we cannot keep if we hit a dead end,” he added.

It is worth noting that Destiny 2 devs did not really promise that they are not going to vault seasonal content in the future. The removal of seasonal content out of a live service game is a normal part of its development. The addition of new seasonal content will expectedly breathe fresh life into games.

Still, the Destiny 2 community can rest easy knowing that future expansions are staying for good. This includes the Lightfall expansion that is due to arrive on February 28th. At launch, it will introduce an all-new campaign, as well as the new Strand subclass and the Tormenter enemy type.

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