Niantic’s Augmented Reality NBA All-World Is Coming Soon

NBA All-World is Like Pokemon GO But With Basketball

NBA All-World is an upcoming augmented reality game from Niantic. The gaming community knows that this studio is well-known for its mobile gaming entries. In fact, Pokemon GO is still going strong in today’s gaming market. 

As seen in the announcement trailer, it looks like NBA All-World will be pretty much like Pokemon GO—but with basketball. “Get outside, step into the sneakers of today’s NBA stars and go 1v1 against the best players in the world,” devs wrote. “Explore your neighborhood while competing in mini games to become King of the Court.”

niantic augmented reality nba all-world coming soon

At the moment, NBA All-World’s gameplay details are scarce. However, fans can easily imagine the concept of Pokemon GO’s gyms being exchanged for basketball courts. Sporting goods stores in the real world are also apparently going to turn into challenge locations.

Apart from bragging rights, completing basketball challenges and winning 1v1 matches will also give NBA All-World players some in-game prizes. Devs are offering some “sneaker and gear drops” that will allow players to improve their team. “Flex your style and increase the performance of your squad,” they added.

There is no mention of any microtransactions. However, the gear drops that devs mentioned can easily mean dropping real world money too. After all, the PokeCoins in Pokemon GO can both be earned with in-game progress or bought with actual money.

It remains unclear how the experience will look on a mobile device. The announcement trailer did not really give any specific details. It did, however, give fans an idea on what they can expect at launch. The preview set the tone for the upcoming game, showing the earth slowly morphing into a massive basketball floating in space.

There is no official launch schedule for now. However, fans can pre-register on the game’s website.

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