Pac-Man World Fans Are Upset About Ms Pac-Man’s Removal from Game

Pac-Man World Fans Want Ms Pac-Man Back

Pac-Man World is getting a remake. Unfortunately, fans of the franchise have been up at arms since Bandai Namco’s confirmation that they are replacing Ms Pac-Man with a new character. According to the studio’s recent announcement, they have decided to replace her with a new Pac-Mom character.

Pac-Man World Re-Pac is going to be a modernized version of the 1999 PS platformer. The original game has the titular character travelling through six worlds to try to rescue six other characters—including Ms Pac-Man. However, it looks like the remake will not be featuring her at all.

pac-man world fans upset ms pac-man's removal

Apparently, the studio has been having some trouble with Ms Pac-Man’s inclusion in their games. They are currently trying to resolve a dispute over rights to the character’s royalties. With that said, Bandai Namco just decided to keep her out of their games until the dispute is over.

For those who are not aware, Ms Pac-Man is actually not an official creation of Namco. Midway and some US programmers at the General Computer Corporation actually created her. Midway has the rights to produce Pac-Man products in North America. This means that each time Ms Pac-Man makes an appearance in Namco products, GCC should get royalties.

“I am all for creators getting the credit and money they deserve but the situation with Ms Pac-Man is complicated and messed up,” one Pac-Man World fan complained. “There needs to be a new deal that leads to the character being used again.”

While I am sure the Pac-Man World remake is going to be good I cannot help but get annoyed,” said another. “Is it really that hard to use a beloved character or are we going to be stuck with Pac-Mom?

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