Overwatch 2’s Symmetra Nerfed to Compensate for ‘Meaty Adjustments’

Overwatch 2 Devs Nerfed Symmetra in the Second Beta

Overwatch 2’s second beta started last night. Fans immediately noticed that it felt a lot more fleshed out compared to the one they got back in May. It has some notable changes to existing heroes, including Symmetra.

Unfortunately, Blizzard just cannot seem to get Symmetra right. It has been six years with two major reworks already, but she still struggles to find her place in the new 5v5 format during the first beta. There was a clear lack of survivability and appropriate damage. With that said, Overwatch 2 devs promised that they will give her “some meaty adjustments” in the second beta.

overwatch 2 symmetra nerfed

Fans expected huge improvements to Symmetra in last night’s beta. However, they were disappointed with what they witnessed. The good news is that devs increased the maximum ammo on her primary fire and projectile speed on her secondary fire. The bad news is that she got a lot of nerfs in place to compensate for the aforementioned increases.

Symmetra’s primary fire does not generate ammo whenever she damages barriers. The projectiles of her secondary fire have also become smaller, in addition to costing more to fire and taking longer to charge. Overwatch 2 fans also observed that it does less damage now. Prior to the launch of the second beta, her teleporter was permanent. Now, however, it will only last for a maximum of 10 seconds.

The nerfs did not go down too well with the Overwatch 2 community. Players took to social media to complain and criticize what devs did to their favorite character. “They have no idea what to freaking do with her,” one player complained. “It is kind of painful to watch.”

This comment seems to be a widely shared sentiment among Overwatch 2 fans. Following the start of the second beta, multiple players have suggested to Blizzard to just re-spec her back to support. According to them, this seems to be the most viable option at the moment.

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