Overwatch 2 Devs Are Adding a Guild System

Overwatch 2 Is Getting a Guild System Soon

Overwatch 2 is getting a guild system soon. Blizzard confirmed during an AMA session that the game’s development team is currently working on improving the game’s social aspect.

We are looking to add more social systems to Overwatch 2,” revealed Game Director Aaron Keller. “A guild system is near the top of the list for us.”

overwatch 2 guild system

AMA, or Ask Me Anything, sessions are oftentimes the most informative subreddit out there. Different types of people from different walks of life gather to share information to their audiences. It was at this forum that Overwatch 2 devs decided to give their fans more details regarding the upcoming social feature.

A feature like this is a great opportunity and something we are really excited about,” Keller continued. “We have put significant work towards this feature but it is too early to talk about specifics or when it might come out.”

It certainly sounds like the Overwatch 2 team is hard at work at bringing this idea to fruition. “It is a huge lift,” Keller added. “Not just for large sections of our team, but several other departments at Blizzard.”

Indeed, the Overwatch 2 AMA was full of information that was not previously available to its community. For instance, when Blizzard starts to move cosmetics from the original game to the sequel, they are going to open all loot boxes for the players. With that said, players might want to do this themselves before the devs do.

Overwatch 2 devs also proved to the gaming public that they truly listen to what their fans have to say about the game. Fans have been requesting for in-game tournaments for a relatively long time. Finally, Keller has confirmed that this feature is coming to the game in due time. “The other suggestion—in-game tournaments— is something that the team is starting to dig into more,” he said.

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