Overwatch 2 Scoreboard Will Now Show All Stats

Overwatch 2 PvP Beta Scoreboard Will Show Everyone’s Stats

Overwatch 2’s scoreboard will show all stats of its players. The score screen of the original game allows players to view their own performance stats, such as their death and kill counts. However, it does not show the states of the other members of the team or even of the enemies. However, things are going to change with the sequel’s new PvP beta.

According to multiple reports, the new PvP beta of Overwatch 2 will be pretty colorful with different stats. This has somehow put some solo players a bit on edge. It is a known fact that tensions tend to run high within competitive team shooters. The underperformance of a single player can be the difference between a win or a loss. With that said, fans of the franchise are oftentimes pressured to perform well.

overwatch 2 scoreboard show all stats

Now that stats are going to be on display for everyone to see, it will be much easier for both team mates and enemies to harass others. It is not unusual for team shooters to show the stats of everyone. However, part of Overwatch 2’s appeal was that it never tried to be like the other franchises. It remains unclear why devs have decided to change this feature.

Instead of a normal scoreboard, the Overwatch franchise makes use of a medal system. Players with gold, silver, or bronze medals indicates how they stacked up against the rest of the team. Gold means that specific players dealt the most damage. Silver is second, while bronze is third. Basically, the medal system is a relatively effective method for players to find out how they are doing within the game in general.

Blizzard had previously made it clear that nothing in the Overwatch 2 beta are set in stone. This suggests that the reported scoreboard will look different by the time they launch it to the gaming community.

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