Overwatch 2 Devs Still ‘Working to Include Console Players in the Future’

Overwatch 2’s April Beta Test Will Be for PC Players Only

Overwatch 2 PC fans are happy that the game’s beta finally has a solid release date. Blizzard confirmed during a developer live stream that highly anticipated beta will begin on April 26th. Sadly, it looks like console players will still have to wait.

Commercial Leader Jon Spector confirmed that the Overwatch 2 team is still “working to include console players in the future.” They are launching the April beta on PC so they could bring in players with a broad range of abilities from a variety of regions.

overwatch 2 console players

Just last week, Overwatch 2 devs tried to open their doors for user sign ups for the beta testing. However, the registration page immediately crashed under the strain. They have been relatively quiet about how development is progressing. Thankfully, the confirmed April beta data indicates that fans will be hearing and seeing more about the game sooner than later.

An Overwatch 2 alpha is currently live. The devs already got tons of feedback from the alpha. However, the participants are only among Overwatch League pro players, Blizzard employees, and a select few others. 

Alpha participants were selected based on their region and the specs of their devices. The invites were apparently sent out via email. Those who were not fortunate to be selected will have to stay tuned for more updates about updating the test group. Devs may decide to expand it as soon as they are sure that matchmaking is stable.

Overwatch 2 fans are aware that devs seriously changed the original formula. They changed the team count from five to six players. They also reworked some heroes and added several maps. According to Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman, all of these changes caused “mass chaos.”

Moreover, Game Director Aaron Keller also revealed that they made Overwatch 2 much faster than the original game. There will be more space for players to move around and avoid choke points.

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