Elden Ring Players Found Fake Walls That Open After 50 Hits

Elden Ring Has Fake Walls That Need 50 Whacks Before They Open

Elden Ring players are well aware that the game has hidden walls that oftentimes lead to new areas within the game. Recently, some of them found out that a wall in Volcanor Manor will only disappear after hitting it at least 50 times.

Apparently some fake walls in Elden Ring take multiple hits to reveal,” one player wrote on social media. “And oh my god, this changes everything.”

There is a hidden wall in Volcano Manor that will only open after 50 hits,” wrote another.

elden ring fake walls

Soulsborne games are known for having Illusory Walls that players need to whack in order to reveal hidden paths, optional bosses, and secret items. Most of these fake walls in Elden Ring only need one good hit. However, this recent discovery suggests that FromSoftware has taken this feature to a relatively absurd length. Fans think that this seems awful enough it might not have been put there intentionally.

Sadly, another Elden Ring player found a similar wall further down the dame tunnel. This suggests that this was not a one-off glitch. “There is another Volcano Manor wall further down the tunnel that also takes 50 hits,” the player wrote. “I assume some walls in this area just accidentally have a value set too high or something.”

According to multiple reports, the walls in Volcano Manor do not behave like the other walls in the game. Usually, a sound cue is heard whenever walls break. In this situation, however, breaking them did not activate the sound.

These discoveries would be harrowing for Elden Ring’s completionists. The notion of fake paths that lead to worthwhile finds would be a nightmare for them. This implies that there could be other similar areas within the game. Now, players will scatter throughout the Lands Between one more time to determine if that is the indeed the case.

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