Elden Ring’s New Update Is Focused on PC Issues

Elden Ring’s New Update Fixed the Fire Giant Boss Fight and More

Elden Ring’s newest update is available now. Version 1.02.1 is focused on PC performance and crashes. It seems that the game’s PS5 version got fixed to a slightly lesser extent as well.

The game is FromSoftware’s most brilliant game so far. Still, it has a slew of technical flaws that fans complained about. Fans are expecting the new update to have remedied the game’s problems. Thankfully, the patch notes are not terribly long. The patch itself only amounts to 13.1MB. This indicates it is a relatively small patch for a very large game.

elden ring new update focused on pc issues

Elden Ring’s PC players should notice a much better overall performance. The update fixed the problem that disabled the utilization of graphics cards. This ultimately resulted in slow performance. 

The bug that caused the game to crash during the Fire Giant boss fight was also fixed.  The next time players attempt to scrap with it, they will find themselves in a much fairer battle. Or at least, the game will no longer crash during their attempt.

Moreover, it also addressed the PS5 version’s save bug caused by putting the console on rest mode. The update brought changes to save game progression even when the game is not terminated.

FromSoftware had already promised that they “will continue to make improvements” to the game. With that said, fans definitely welcome the arrival of these new changes. The Elden Ring community has been aware that these tweaks were already in the works. 

Based on the game’s minimal and recommended PC system requirements, they somewhat expanded the game to have some performance issues ahead of launch. Fans are also aware that Easy Anti-Cheat and mouse sensitivity fixes are coming soon as well.

It is indeed good to know that Elden Ring devs are constantly working to make the game better.

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