Elden Ring Players Aren’t Deterred By Its Limited Frame Rate

Elden Ring Proves Frame Rate Isn’t Everything

Elden Ring is the biggest PC game of 2022 despite a major technical shortcoming. The game’s frame rate has a 60 fps cap. Traditionally, PC gamers would find it a ceiling on frame rate pretty unacceptable—especially for a blockbuster game.

Players were quick to complain about this on launch day. It had nearly 20,000 negative reviews on Steam during its first two days. Majority of these reviews cited unsatisfactory performance.

Struggling to maintain 60 fps/1080p on a 3080,” complained one Elden Ring player. “Massive stuttering and drops tot he mid 20s, crashed four times within two hours of game time.”

elden ring limited frame rate

Game is a giant stutter fest,” said another. “Sadly this game just simply does not run.”

However, three weeks and 12 million copies later, the gaming community has now seemed to accept this disappointing frame rate. Overflowing praise drowned out any initial negative reviews.

It would seem that Elden Ring fans have been enchanted by its depth and scale. Apparently, the game is one of the very few modern games that have met—or surpassed—years of hype.

Not ignoring performance issues,” stated an Elden Ring fan. “But this game is good that it gets a 10 from me despite that.”

The 60 fps cap is bad but stable,” wrote another. “With a couple of key rebinds it actually feels great to me.”

“I am playing this at 900×600 on a 1050 laptop card at 30 fps,” shared another. “It is one of the best games I have ever played.”

History has shown that PC gamers are mostly unwilling to compromise. The game has technical features that somewhat fall short of what PC gamers would consider standard. Elden Ring seems to be the exception to one of the PC gaming community’s sacred rules when it comes to modern technical standards. 

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