Starfield Game Director Says Game Will Channel ‘Older Hardcore RPGs’

Starfield Players Can Define Their Own Story

Starfield devs shared their discussion regarding their plans of going more in-depth on the game’s back story and character creation.

“It is nice with Starfield to go back to some things we did not do,” Game Director Todd Howard stated during the discussion. “The backgrounds, the traits, defining your character—all those stats.”

starfield older hardcore rpgs

“I think there are so many games now that do those things,” he added. “People are ready for something that does a lot of the things that older hardcore RPGs—something that we used to do—doing those again in a new way.

The Starfield devs then continued to talk more about the game’s factions. “We have got the United Colonies that represents the future space republic, idealised,” Lead Quest Designer Will Shen said. “You also have the Freestar Collective which is the space western fantasy.”

We have got Ryujin Industries which represents corporate life,” Shen added. “I think it has one of the best starts of any of the factions.”

One of the more enticing factions of Starfield is the Crimson Fleet. It is a group of pirates that players can join, but can also work against it. For most players, this faction is going to be an enemy or an obstacle. However, Bethesda wants the gaming community know that they can define their own story.

The cool thing about the Crimson Fleet is what if you are a good person, a good player, and you do not want to play as the bad guy,” said Design Director Emil Pagliarulo. “You can side with the pirates or you can report back to your superiors and be like basically space cop type of thing.”

Let you be a good person, but still play with the bad guys,” Pagliarulo added.