Microsoft Boss Phil Spencer Wants Starfield to Be ‘The Most Played Game’

Phil Spencer Wants Starfield to Be “The Most Played Todd Howard Game Ever”

Starfield is the next big RPG from Bethesda. Microsoft Gaming boss Phil Spencer has confirmed to the gaming public that he wants it to be the most played game among all titles available in the market. Apparently, he had this exact conversation with the studio’s Director and Executive Producer Todd Howard.

When Todd and I talk about Starfield, ‘How do we make sure this is the most played Todd Howard game ever?” Spencer said.

Howard’s team is pretty much comprised of the same people behind The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim This particular title sold more than 30 million copies when it launched into the gaming market in 2011.

microsoft boss phil spencer wants starfield most played game


Spencer’s intentions are connected to the fact that Starfield will not launch for PlayStation consoles. Sony’s devices have traditionally sold more than Microsoft’s Xbox systems as the former provided a larger audience for the studio’s games.

He even called out the Halo and Forza franchise due to their huge success in their respective genres. Basically, he wants Starfield to follow in the wake of the two titles he mentioned.

Those are the most played games in those franchises because we made them available on more screens than we ever have, through more business models than we have ever made them available,” Spencer added.

Starfield will be released as an Xbox exclusive at launch. Thankfully for PC users, the game will also be accessible to them via Xbox Game Pass on day one. This arrangement is a result of Microsoft’s $7.5 billion acquisition of Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax Media.

Starfield will be the studio’s first new IP in more than 25 years. With that said, it is safe to say that expectations for the upcoming game are naturally high. The gaming community has yet to receive a good look at its gameplay. 

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