Crusader Kings III Hits Landmark of More Than 2 Million Copies Sold

Crusader Kings III Sells More Than 2 Million Copies

Crusader Kings III is a monumental grand strategy game from Developer Paradox Interactive. The game has been very popular within the PC gaming community with now more than two million copies sold.

A year and a half after its release in September 2020, Paradox Interactive’s medieval grand strategy game Crusader Kings III has sold two million units,” devs wrote in a press release. “Making it one of the fastest Paradox titles to hit that landmark number.”

crusader kings more than two million copies sold

Two million is a huge milestone for us on the Crusader Kings team,” said Game Director Alex Oltner. “We are overjoyed that our games can reach such a wide audience.

The game’s latest expansion Royal Court was also able to put up big numbers despite having only been launched last month. “Last month’s release of Royal Court, the major expansion for Crusader Kings III, was also a cause for celebration,” the press release continued. “That add-on has already topped one million sales.”

The expansion will give players new ways to rule their realm from their very own throne room. It brought huge changes to the game’s culture system as well as artifact items. Devs are happy that the latest installment to the Crusader Kings franchise “succeeded in reaching a new generation of strategy gamers.

We have big plans for Crusader Kings III,” Oltner added. “It is good to know that so many people will be taking this journey with us.”

With that said, console owners are glad that they will soon be among those people. Crusader Kings III is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S on March 29th. What makes this even more interesting is that the console release is not going to be a simple port. In fact, it is going to be an adaptation. Devs collaborated with Lab42 Studios to make adjustments to its game mechanics to make it more suitable for console gameplay.

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