Crusader Kings III Coming to Next-Gen Consoles in March

Command Your Kingdom on Your Console 

Attention lords and ladies prepare your consoles for grand strategy. Paradox Development is bringing their grand strategy game, Crusader Kings III, to next gen consoles in March. A press release about the next-gen console version details its unique features. In addition the release dives into what players can expect as they being ruling their kingdoms on their consoles. 

crusader kings 3 next-gen consoles

Crusader Kings III is a strategy game that involves leading a kingdom in a medieval life simulation. You will decide how to rule and the choices you make have an effect on a world of people. Additionally each individual you meet comes wit ha personality and background of their own. Will you continue your dynasty through arranged marriages? Will your kingdom adopt a faith? Are you warlike or peaceful? These are all questions you will need to answer as you play. 

Specifically the console version will host new features that make console play that much more tailor made for the system.  Both Xbox and PlayStation consoles feature an interface and control scheme adapted for larger screens. The console versions are made to work well with triggers, bumpers, and analog movement. 

Additionally, PlayStation 5 users will have feeling with the game’s stress mechanics. The PlayStation 5 Dualsense controller will react to in game events, and be responsive in stressful situations. 


Altogether the console version of Crusader Kings III will release on next-gens on March 29th 2022. The game will come out for the Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5. Both console version are currently available for pre-order on the Crusader Kings website. Are you ready to lead your kingdom to glory? You will be put to the test.