Crusader Kings 3 Friends and Foes Pack Launches Today

Friends and Rivals 

Prepare to make some new friends. And some new enemies. Today Paradox Interactive is happy to announce the newest event pack for Crusader Kings 3: Friends and Foes. The new pack aims to provide new story paths dealing with lifelong friendships and ruthless rivalries. A press release provides more info about the event pack. Of course, the release delves into all players can expect from their new friends and foes. 

Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings III places the player in charge of their own kingdom in a medieval life simulation. Players step into the role of Regent as they lead their kingdom. Of course, your dynasty and every choice you make for it is up to you. Will you lead a warlike nation on great conquests or will you seek more diplomatic relations? How will your line continue? All of these choices and more are up to you. 

Of course the Friends and Foes Event Pack introduces even more choices and features. Importantly the pack introduces the option for developing life-long friendships, strengthening inter-kingdom relationships. Yet beware, because now you can also make nemeses, perhaps making an enemy that can last generations. Players can get a look at all the features coming with the Friends and Foes pack in the announcement trailer. 

Crusader Kings III Friends and Foes event pack is available today. Currently it costs $4.99. Of course new players can also take advantage of a Free Weekend from September 8th to 12th. So, who will prove to be a friend and who will turn out to be your greatest foe? There is only one way to find out.