Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s PC Port Has a Slow-Mo Issue

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Slows Down Following Soul Bursts

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin fans think that its PC version is yet another cursed port from Square Enix. Multiple players have taken to social media to complain about numerous issues that plague the game. The biggest problem seems to be an intense slowdown following a Soul Burst.

A Soul Burst is a theatrical finishing move that crystalises enemies before they are shattered. Apparently, the game goes into slow-motion after players perform one. It ruins their momentum especially for those who are trying to maintain a good flow in combat.

stranger of paradise final fantasy origin pc port slow-mo

This Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin issue seems to worsen if fans try to run the game at 120 fps. Players complained that it was like they were fighting chaos in a sea of invisible mud. Taking the frame rate down to 60 fps alleviates the problem a little bit. Still, performing Soul Bursts hugely disrupts the game’s speed.

In addition to this slow-motion issue, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin also has some problematic visuals. According to many players, the game flits between looking acceptable to looking like they are playing a game from 2009.

The game is ugly is hell with awful render distance, tons of pop-in, jagged visuals, aliasing everywhere, and really blurry and washed out images,” complained one fan. Other fans complained about very pixelated visuals. Some shared their dismay about the game’s brightness, or lack thereof. It would seem that someone from the team forgot to crank up the brightness.

A fan who claims to be VFX artist said that players should cap the game to 60 fps for now. They can also play with the screen space reflections and 3D rendering resolution scaling in the game’s graphics settings. These are actually the two in-game settings that seem to be the most likely culprits around the intense slowdown.

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