Overwatch 2 Devs Struggled to Add the Railgun Due to Balance Issues

Overwatch 2 Is Finally Getting the Railgun

Overwatch 2 devs have always wanted to add the railgun to the game’s weapon pool for quite some time now. The struggle was on how to keep such powerful, precise weapon with balance within the game. Thankfully, they were able to figure it out.

“It was kind of a catastrophe of balance,” said Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman. “You could essentially fire Widowmaker shots with no cooldown or anything, just constantly.”

overwatch 2 railgun balance issues

According to Goodman, it was paramount for the team to find out a way for the weapon to still feel like a railgun without being overwhelming for the players. “Ultimately, I think we found a solution we really like,” he added.

Overwatch 2 devs are very much excited with the introduction of Sojourn. Sojourn is the first black woman to be part of the franchise’s hero roster. After six years of updates, they were able to add her to the game. What makes the character even more exciting is that she will pack the powerful FPS staple, the railgun.

The railgun’s primary fire is a rapid fire machine gun that shoots projectiles. It will also build up energy to be able to shoot a high damage charged beam.  This is the kind of weapon that Sojourn will be wielding.

According to Senior Hero Designer Josh Noh, they designed Sojourn as a “mid-range hero that rewards accuracy.” Taking a look at how devs described the Sojourn, it seems that she will embody Soldier 76 on left click and Widowmaker on the right.

Her weapon will also have two more abilities, namely the Power Slide and the Disruptor Shot. The latter is an AOE field that “snares enemies and eats away at their health.“If you get caught in her Disruptor Shot, there is a good chance she has you in her sights,” the blog read.

The Power Slide, on the other hand, will give the new Overwatch 2 character more mobility. She gets low for a slide and then immediately cancels into a high jump to access “high ground vantage points.”

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