Overwatch 2 Devs Disable Wrecking Ball for Being ‘Too Powerful’

Overwatch 2 Has Wrecking Ball Locked for This Weekend

Overwatch 2 has a tank hero that is a common favorite among the franchise’s following. Wrecking Ball is a hamster who gets around in a robotic hamster ball. Unfortunately, this fan-favorite character is too overpowered that he overloaded servers and caused them to crash.

Wrecking Ball’s powers are a bit too strong on the beta server,” devs wrote on social media. “We are disabling him immediately while we work to address a bug that allowed him to cause other players to crash.”

overwatch 2 devs disable wrecking ball too powerful

Multiple players have witnessed precisely how easy it was to crash a server by using the said character. The only thing that they had to do was to aim at the ground and spam the hero’s grapple hook while midair. To keep everyone from taking advantage of this bug, Blizzard decided to disable Wrecking Ball in the Overwatch 2 beta. Fans are expecting the character will return once it has been fully fixed.

At the moment, it remains unclear exactly what part of Wrecking Ball’s grapple hook skill is making Overwatch 2 servers glitch out. It is possible that the ability has too many bugs that it utilizing it sends more grapple requests than a single server can handle. Some fans are also speculating that the sparks on the ground may have something to do with it.

Furthermore, the bug affecting Wrecking Ball’s grapple hook ability will also have an impact on the returning Overwatch League. It would seem that the glitch will also be present in the build that the participants are going to play. Following Blizzard’s recent announcement, the hamster will also be locked during this week of competition. 

We will be disabling him for this weekend,” OWL Head Sean Miller wrote. “But should get our furry friend back in by next week.”

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