Overwatch 2 Beta Had Bugs That Made Mercy the Worst Healer Ever

Overwatch 2 Beta Has Bugs That Don’t Do Mercy Justice

Overwatch 2 beta had several bugs during the first three days. However, the most notable one was probably what made Mercy the worst healer in the game. The problem prevented her healing beam from chaining to allies during her Valkyrie ultimate. Because of this issue, she could not save her team from a hectic battle.

Thankfully, Blizzard rolled out a patch that fixed this ability. Although it has been fixed, a slew of issues still affect the overall performance of the support character. Fans observed that the healer’s behavior became wonky even after devs issued a fix.

overwatch 2 beta mercy worst healer ever

Valkyrie is meant to increase the healing rate of Mercy’s beam as it spreads out across the team. This is attained even while the player is flying freely around the map. It is worth noting that it is not unusual for allies to die during this skill. However, Overwatch 2 fans could not figure out why Valkyrie was being less effective than it was in the original game.

Many Overwatch 2 fans attributed this to the increased speed of the sequel’s time-to-kill. After all, it was much faster without the need for a second tank to turn around and help. Following Blizzard’s patch, fans believe that Mercy can now be able to keep up with the rest of the support roster.

Her signature ability Resurrect is also noticeably inconsistent in the beta at the moment. According to multiple Overwatch 2 beta participants, the ability does not work within its intended range. Moreover, its cooldown feature would sometimes reset for no reason at all. They also noticed that its animation can stall out and interrupt the ability. The contentious score board also does not seem to accurately reflect how much damage her beam has boosted while attached to another hero.

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