No Man’s Sky Flies To Launch On The Nintendo Switch In October

No Man’s Sky Flies To Launch On The Nintendo Switch In October

No Man’s Sky was insanely hyped prior to its release in 2016. Unfortunately, Hello Games’ product didn’t live up to the hype initially, however, the company released various updates since then. The game is now considered very fun and recently, the developers released more content including Sentinels and Expedition 7. Today, Hello Games has confirmed that No Man’s Sky will release on the Nintendo Switch on October 7th. The game is currently available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms. It is also heading to the Steam Deck soon.

In the two-minute long announcement trailer, fans were given a first look at the game on the Switch. In the trailer, players were taken on a journey across different planets as well as in space via an airship. Furthermore, the trailer concluded by showing the major content releases for the game thus far.

No Man's Sky Prisms

In No Man’s Sky, players venture into a procedurally generated universe where there are endless possibilities. Moreover, due to the various updates since its release, players have more options than ever. Some of the releases include Outlaws, Prisms, Expeditions and Exo Mech. Along the way, players can take on the role of a fighter who fulfills bounties and robs others or traders and explorers, who venture the universe to ply their trade.

Interested fans can check out the game on the Nintendo eShop here.

What are your thoughts on No Man’s Sky? Have you tried it since its release? Do you think the game is in a better state now due to the updates? Are you interested in its release on the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck? How do you think performance will be on the Switch? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.