Hearthstone Battlegrounds Is Getting an All-New Minion Type on May 10th

Hearthstone Battlegrounds’ First Proper Season Begins on May 10th

Hearthstone Battlegrounds’ Rise of the Naga will get underway on May 10th. At launch, it is bringing a reset of player ratings, a new hero, as well as an all-new minion type. The Naga is a magic-focused race that will give out spells. They will also become more powerful whenever players cast spells around them.

A previous season for Hearthstone Battlegrounds wrapped up just this January. However, Blizzard confirmed in April that they will start to organize the franchise’s “major moments” into seasons. They decided to do this to “help give a clearer idea of when big changes—like special events, keywords, or system changes—are coming to the mode as well as when they will be ending.”

hearthestone battlegrounds all-new minion type may 10th

Some of the Hearthstone Battlegrounds’ new Naga minions will have the ability to take advantage of Spellcraft. This will grant a certain spell on each turn and provide a temporary buff to the players’ minions. Spellcraft spells will leave the players’ hand at the end of each turn. However, if the hand is full, they will wait until a free spot opens up.

The game’s new hero is also from the Naga race. Queen Azshara used to be the beloved ruler of the Kaldorei Empire. Unfortunately, following the collapse of the Well of Eternity, she and her many Highborne followers fell into the depths of the Great Sea. The Old Gods then transformed them into the serpentine Naga.

Devs are removing five minions from Hearthstone Battlegrounds when Patch 23.2 goes live. This will kick off the beginning of the Rise of the Naga season. To replace them, players are getting 21 new minions that include 16 from the Naga race and five from other types. Fans will be delighted to know that there will also be some “returning favorites.” 

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