Arma Reforger May Finally Connect Franchise With Console Players

Arma Reforger Will Be the Bridge Connecting Series to Console Gaming Community

Arma Reforger will be the title of the next title for the Arma franchise. This is according to a recently leaked marketing guide. According to the leak, the upcoming game will be using Bohemia Interactive’s new Enfusion engine.

Furthermore, the guide also reiterates that, despite fan speculations, the next game is not going to be Arma 4. Apparently, development for Arma 4 is very complex. With that said, devs want to come up with something that will serve as the bridge between the currently existing Arma following and the community of console gamers. Arma Reforger is reportedly going to be playable on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

arma reforger connect franchise with console players

Arma Reforger will reportedly take place on Everon which is a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean. Its location is believed to be quite near to another fictional location in the Arma franchise, Malden. The game will be set in “an alternate 1989” which was around the time of the US-Soviet conflict. 

The leak says that it will be a “military simulation game” as opposed to being a simulator. This seems to be a more direct way of suggesting that Arma Reforger is going to be a bit more accessible than the franchise’s previous installments. 

It is going to be a “premium product with stable and appropriate pricing.” This indicates that it will not be free-to-play. Although devs already confirmed that they are not giving it any DLCs or mictrotransactions, the guide says otherwise. According to the leaked document, there will be “some basic in-game monetization.

The leak also adds that it has been Bohemia’s intention to launch the Enfusion engine and technology to modders ahead of Arma 4’s official launch to the gaming public. Apparently, they believe that doing this will already have a proper and capable modding community in place by launch.

Arma Reforger devs are going to have a The Future of Arma presentation that is due to occur on May 17th.

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