Arma 4 May Be Built With New Enfusion Engine

Arma 4 May Run on Bohemia Interactive’s New Enfusion Engine

Arma 4 just may run on Bohemia Interactive’s new Enfusion engine. The devs revealed the new engine with a video that showcased its impressive capabilities.

Games built with Enfusion will run much better than before,” the devs said. “We want your 16-core PC Master Race builds to sweat, but we also want to make sure everyone can enjoy their content across various builds and console generations.”

arma 4 enfusion engine

Bohemia’s strong simulation shooters have relatively complex systems that they combined with impressive graphical fidelity. They want to maintain that high standard with their new engine. However, they also still plan on lowering its demands on the players’ hardware.

Bohemia also confirmed to the gaming public that “any potential new Arma game” will be using their new Enfusion engine. This news sent fans of the Arma series into a frenzy. Moreover, Arma 4 fans are expecting the devs to make their mark in console gaming with their future projects.

DayZ, another game from Bohemia, is their only console game so far. They developed it with a prototype version of the Enfusion engine, and described the experience as “a hybrid of old and new technology.”

They do not have to release on console, but they can—as the engine runs on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox,” the added. “Enfusion-built games do not have to be ported and can be developed for all three platforms at the same time.”

Bohemia’s Enfusion engine, which the gaming world may see in Arma 4, is especially interesting next to Epic’s Unreal Engine 5. Both engines promise hardware scalability and developer ease of use. This is very good news for players and devs alike, especially in an age of constant crunch and silicon shortages.

Arma 4 is certainly a long time coming. Fans have not had any news about the much-awaited title, especially with the studio losing a number of developers last year.

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