Hell Is Us Is Rogue Factor’s ‘Most Ambitious Project to Date’

Hell is Us Development Is Led by Deus Ex Art Director

Hell is Us is Rogue Factor’s “most ambitious project to date.Eidos Montreal Art Director Jonathan Jacques-Belletete is heading its development.

Unlike the other titles developed by the studio, Hell is Us is going to be a semi open world third-person action adventure. It will have a civil war setting. Its back story includes the sudden appearance of supernatural creatures. An event known as the Calamity unleashed them.

hell is us rogue factor most ambitious project to date

Our goal with Hell is Us is to bring back true adventure and exploration,” Jacques-Belletete said. “There is no need for a detailed quest log or precise waypoint on the map.”

With that said, devs will not be giving players any map, compass, or quest markers to guide them on their way. Things will be not good and it will be entirely up to Hell is Us players to figure out what to do about it. In fact, figuring out what to do to make things right is the game’s core aspect.

We want players to feel the thrill of adventure, guided by their feelings and instincts,” Jacques-Belletete added.

Devs recently shared a teaser for Hell is Us. Despite its grim appearance, the game still carries a modern vibe to it. The preview shows an APC parked in the background with the in-game character packing a side arm. Players will also be wielding a sword. Although the big shiv looks a bit incongruous, the game’s Steam listing indicates that melee combat is going to be the players’ main way of getting things done.

You will need to learn how to fight these monsters and use your drone wisely to stay alive,” devs added. “The central theme of Hell is Us is that human violence is a perpetual cycle fueled by human emotions and passions.

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