Stardock Unveils Galactic Civilizations IV Release Date, April 26th

The Galaxy Like Never Before

Prepare to lead an interstellar civilization through the galaxy and beyond. Today Stardock unveiled the release date for their upcoming 4x grand strategy game, Galactic Civilizations IV. Releasing on April 26th, 2022, Galactic Civilizations IV is the newest addition to a series that spans nearly 30 years of existence. A press release discusses the details of the new game. Additionally a release trailer gives fans a cinematic look at what’s to come later this month. 

Galactic Civilizations IV place players in the role of all powerful leader of one of a dozen space-faring, or their own custom, civilizations. Building upon everything the previous games have introduced Galactic Civilizations IV is the most complete of there series yet. With improvements to things like the citizen system and core worlds, your galactic empire feels more alive and complete. For instance, not keeping your citizens happy can see a separatist system spark up taking a core world and other planets with it. 

Additionally, setting and update policies will play a larger role. Players can now update policies during gameplay. This allows them to shift the focus of their empire and therefore alter playstyle. Furthermore, fans will also see the return of the beloved ship builder system. 

Finally, the galaxy feels larger than ever with the new multi-sectored maps. Each sector is full of planets to conquer, and the sectors themselves are connected through subspace streams. Players can travel between sectors, exploring the galaxy one sector at a time. The sectors add a depth and feel of adventure to the galaxy that players can look forward to experiencing. 


Galactic Civilizations IV is releasing on April 26th, 2022. The game will be available for PC via the Epic Games Store. So, how will you lead your galactic civilization to victory? 

SOURCE: Press Release